About biomass fuels

Sustainable, local timber

All our timber comes from sustainable sources. That includes managed woodland, saw mills and site clearances.

All our logs have been grown in England, processed in England and dried in England. We usually source all our timber locally, within 100 miles of our base in Daventry. Fewer fuel miles means its more sustainable.

Turning timber into logs and woodchip

The timber is open stored as round timber lengths for about six months. Hardwoods are then chopped into logs, and softwoods are put through the chipper. Both logs and woodchips are then dried in a kiln or a continuous flow-dryer.

Logs are dried until they are below 15% moisture. Woodchip is dried until its below 20%. Quite often, logs and woodchip are actually drier than this, as we test the wettest item in a batch to be at least this dry.

Kiln dried logs have a lower moisture content than any seasoned logs. This is important because it is only the wood part of the log, not any moisture that gives off heat. The wetter the log, the less efficient at heating your room, as the energy in the log is being used to dry out the moisture.

If your stove is sooting-up, it's likely that your fuel is damp. You need to increase the combustion temperature. Make sure that you're using truly dry fuel (not just the surface), that the fire gets well established, and don’t let the stove slumber too much.

Biomass Suppliers List and the Renewable Heat Initiative

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a list of woodfuel that has proven it meets the eligibility requirements for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. More information about the RHI is available here on the Ofgem website.

We offer a complete range of BSL approved Wood Pellets & Woodchip. BSL approved Logs can be supplied on request.


All single or small pallet orders are delivered kerbside to you.

Bulk deliveries for logs and woodchip are available - please call us for details.

We don't currently offer bulk orders for wood pellets, or a collection only service.