Big and Ugly Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

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Big and Ugly Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs (1 Standard Builders Bag)

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Trees sadly do not grow like bamboo, they are not always straight and have branches.
This means we get odd shaped and knobbly kiln dried logs which can’t make it onto our Neat and Tidy kiln dried logs.
These are some of the kiln dried logs which make it into the Big and Ugly logs bags.
There is nothing wrong with them, the kiln dried logs will burn brilliantly but they might not win any beauty pageant, hence Ugly. The Big kiln dried logs are as they sound, either longer firewood or just simply a bit wider kiln dried log.
The Big and Ugly log makes an amazing product for people with bigger log burning stoves or cookers.
These kiln dried logs burn really well but are not for everybody's home fire!

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The drier a log is the less it splits and crackles, the less smoke it produces and the more heat you get. Our logs are ideally suited to open fires and will give you great heat and are easy to light.

Dry logs make your pizza oven hot and reduce smoke and smell from a chiminea or fire pit. The ideal log for outside entertaining.
Our logs make your stove hotter, with less soot. They will also work well on low turn down as they produce less tar than wet logs. Get the best out of your stove, burn dry logs.

Product Details:

  • UK grown, processed and dried
  • Only Hardwood firewood
  • Dried to below 15% moisture
  • Ready to burn
  • Easy light
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Dried using renewable energy
  • Cleaned to remove bark and wood chips (excludes loose sales)
  • Packed in covered bags (excludes loose sales)


Firewood Logs FAQs:

Where does your timber for logs come from?
Our timber is all sustainability sourced from the UK, within 100 miles of our plant. Sustainable timber typically comes from managed forests, woodland management schemes and infrastructure maintenance and projects. 

How do you dry the firewood?
We first season the round timber in the open, it is then processed into logs which we aim to season further before being finished in our drying kilns. All our kilns are heated by renewable wood fuel. 

What type of wood are the logs from?
They are from mixed hardwood cordwood (unprocessed lengths of timber). This will include Ash, Oak, Elm and Beech as well as Birch and other hardwood species. 

Do you sort the logs?
The logs are passed through a cleaning plant to help remove the loose bark and any woodchip from the dried timber. 

How are the logs delivered?
All deliveries are via a pallet courier, who provide a kerbside delivery. 

Can I store the logs outside?
You can store them outside but it should be under cover. They are supplied in enclosed sacks, however the sacks do not provide enough protecting from the rain for storage. We would always suggest the logs are stored in a garage or dry shed as a minimum. The warmer and drier the environment the better the logs will keep and burn. 

Why buy Kiln dried logs?
Logs need to be dried before they are burnt. If firewood is not dried before being put on the fire the extra moisture has to be dried off by the fire, which wastes the heat energy of the fire and means the room is not warmed as much. Using wet firewood creates many more harmful emissions into the environment which is harmful to human health. Kiln drying logs provides a consistent product which will always burn well, with less smoke and emissions. 

How do you process the logs?
The Roundwood timber is cut and split via one of our firewood processors. They first cut the log to length and then split it into smaller logs. We use Posch and Binderberger firewood processing machines.