About Us

Eco Dry Energy

is a specialist in the processing, drying and supply of sustainable Biomass fuels.

At Eco Dry Energy we believe that good energy is dry energy. All our sustainably sourced Biomass fuels are force dried to get the best heat from them when they are burnt.

So why dry Biomass?


Any organic product which is wet starts to decay, with the energy being lost as it rots away. All the goodness in the wood just becomes food for fungus and bacteria, which in themselves can also be harmful to human health. Dry material does not decay and can be stored for longer with no lose of its precious energy or unpleasant fungus growth.

Dry Fuel= Less decay and harmful fungus


To burn Biomass it has to be dry, in fact it has to be bone dry. There are two ways Biomass is dried, either before it goes into a fire or in the fire. It isn’t well understood but part of the energy in the fuel being burnt in a fire is only being used to dry the fuel being burnt. The greater the moisture content, the more of the energy in the fuel is used just to get it dry enough to burn! So the fuel must be dried one way or the other. In addition if the combustion process is cooled by the dampness of the fuel it becomes less efficient and hence less of the green energy in the wood becomes heat and more is left in the ash or soot.

Dry Fuel=More Green Energy


As we have all seen wet fuel smokes. This is partly because more water is being released but also because the moisture is causing the combustion process to become too cold. This results in poor combustion, with more smoke, soot and ash.

Dry Fuel=Less smoke, Less soot and Less ash

There are also other benefits, drier fuel means lighter fuel, so it is better for the environment when transported. Timber is also smaller sized when dry and hence you can fit a little more on a truck.

Dry Fuel=Less road Pollution

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